CNet CIC-920W - Network camera - color ( Day&Night ) - audi

This includes all IP-based security solutions such as IP camera, video server, etc.
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CNet CIC-920W - Network camera - color ( Day&Night ) - audi

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<div class="hreview"> <div class="item"> <div style="float:left;" class="tgRssImage"><a class="url" href=" ... _url"><img src=" ... SS160_.gif" width="160" alt="CNet CIC-920W - Network camera - color ( Day&Night ) - audio - 802.11b, 802.11g - DC 5 V" class="photo" height="160" border="0" /></a></div> <span class="tgRssTitle fn summary">CNet CIC-920W - Network camera - color ( Day&Night ) - audio - 802.11b, 802.11g - DC 5 V<br />By <span class="tgRssAuthor">CNet</span><br /></span> </div> <div class="description"> <br /> <span style="display: block;" class="tgRssPriceBlock"><span class="tgProductPriceLine"><a href=" ... p_new">Buy new</a>: <span class="tgProductListPrice">$169.00</span><br /><span class="tgProductPrice">$137.77</span></span><br /><span class="tgProductUsedPrice"><a href=" ... _eofr_used" id="tag_rsn_rs_eofr_used">7 used and new</a> from <span class="tgProductPrice">$137.27</span></span><br /></span> <span class="tgRssReviews">Customer Rating: <img src=" ... 81936_.gif" width="64" align="absbottom" height="12" border="0" /><br /></span> <br /> <span class="tgRssProductTag">First tagged "ip camera" by <span class="vcard reviewer"><a href="" class="url fn">M. Georg</a></span><br /></span> <span class="tgRssAllTags">Customer tags: <a href=" ... dp_item_at" rel="tag" rel="tag">cameras</a>, <a href=" ... dp_item_at" rel="tag" rel="tag">ip camera</a>, <a href=" ... dp_item_at" rel="tag" rel="tag">security</a>, <a href=" ... dp_item_at" rel="tag" rel="tag">network camera</a>, <a href=" ... dp_item_at" rel="tag" rel="tag">home surveillance</a>, <a href=" ... dp_item_at" rel="tag" rel="tag">cnet</a><br /></span> </div></div>


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